USMG Takes Care of
Your Customer

Direct sells calls are the best way to influence customer purchases and it is our priority to insure your products receive maximum exposure. USMG’s Sales Team is in the field every day calling local dealers in their respective territory. Working closely with the distributors and their sales force, USMG is promoting your products to thousands of customers. In addition to selling, We provide in-store PK training sessions, make sure shelves are properly stocked, verify POG(s) are properly displayed, signs are displayed, place orders, make sure orders have been displayed and handle complaints along with many other activities to grow your business.

                        • Retailer staff training (i.e.: product training)
                        • Merchandising - optimum product placement
                        • Regular section merchandising
                        • Cross merchandising, quarter pallets and clip strips
                        • Sets and revamps
                        • Resolve returns and consumer complaints
                        • POP material installation